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My Big Fat Sephardi Seder



".. These two seders were probably the most unique Jewish experience in my life. One of the major discoveries was a unique mix of Sephardi, Moroccan and French cuisine. A cow’s heart, some bone marrow and intestines were no longer some obscure words from biology classes, but some of the most unusual and at the same time truly delicious meals I was treated with..."

Wyczuleni na poprawność


Nie ma znaczenia czy homoseksualistów nazwiemy gejami, lesbijkami, pedałami czy bądź jak jeszcze, zawsze będzie oznaczać to samo, jeśli intencje mówiącego się nie zmienią. Apeluję zatem do Państwa nie walczmy z językiem tylko z ludzką głupotą!







At the same time, no one is talking about regular slaughter involving the so-called “stunning” of animals – because of course everyone knows that the animals in typical slaughterhouses are sent to a spa, where they die in a care-free sleep, while undergoing relaxing treatments.